Covid-19 Resources

New to working from home, net meetings, VPNs, and creating work-life balance inside the same space?

Here are a few different resources to help you get started.

When working from home for the first time, veteran advice quickly lays out the foundation of how to put your best foot forward, especially now that seemingly everyone is working from home.

While the occasional business call or teleconference was a part of your pre-2020 life, now it’s part of business as usual. Make sure your professional image doesn’t suffer.

When we work from home, we are effectively inviting people into our homes. With more people than ever before in Zoom Meetings, replacing live events with streamed content, and engaging with video recording than ever before it is easy to find oneself focused on themselves and not their surroundings. And that has spurred a massive uptick in “background issues.” From pets getting frisky, kids having a meltdown, to very unaware and NOT dressed for success housemates, and much much more about you being on display than you realized.

Creating a video space, checking your surroundings, watching out for reflections, understanding whether your mic and camera are really turned off so you can keep your—and those animals (human or otherwise) who live with you (or inside you)—from turning a simple conference call into the next viral video, is all about keeping control of your space.

Since video conferencing is a visual and auditory experience, let’s dive into the medium and see, and hear, what not to do!

For major corporations, it can be just another day of creating policy and perhaps just implementing disaster recovery policies in order to deal with COVID-19. But what can we learn from larger businesses?

The most important part of your COVID-19 response, is also remembering that there are people involved. And while policy is great, you need to remember to allow latitude for making best for the situation, best for the people, and best for the company to occur. Take your time, think through what you are trying to do, why you want to do it, and think about what you’re really trying to achieve, as you put together your COVID-19 response.

Can I test my employees? Can I ask questions about their symptoms when they call out sick? Can I…? You have questions, as many do, about whether you are asking for too much, too little, or both in terms of employee health. While there are general rules regarding calling out sick and what an employer can, cannot, should, and should not, ask, a pandemic becomes slightly different. As the number one measure to save lives right now is ensuring that those we share our spaces and lives with remain healthy, it’s important that companies strike a balance between intelligent questions, not forcing sick employees into answering inappropriate questions, and not allowing spread of COVID-19 through negligence.

Businesses are still grappling with how to get customers to wear masks, and what, if anything, they can do to ensure that these requests are adhered to. And there’s the rub, the requirement, isn’t really a requirement. Without penalties for businesses or customers, backlash from some customers who feel their rights are being violated, and staff who say their health is at risk, many companies are struggling to get their customers to wear masks.