About Us

We both have something in common, we have things that we do amazingly well. Whether you already have an existing business or you are looking to start one, much like us, you know how to do that thing exceptionally well. But what you may not have time, resources, or ability to handle is “that computer stuff.” 

That’s where we come in. We do the computer stuff, do it well, so you can focus on what you do well.

Joseph Arrington, the Owner of Mystic Computers is a 2005 Graduate of The University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and Operations Management with a Concentration in Information Systems from the Josph M. Bryan School of Business and Economics. Originally from Princeton, West Virginia, Joseph had his start in computers at the age of 9 with an Apple ][e handed down to him when his sister graduated college. This gave him a leg up in school as the technology that existed in the classroom consisted of very similar equipment and, as luck would have it, he was able to offer help to fellow students, as well as staff members.

Continuing through school and doing what seemed at the time like just helping where he could, because he could, Joseph entered middle school and often left his Computer Applications teacher stumped with what to do with him. Not just ahead of the class in terms of finishing his assignments, and always happy to help other students with their issues as well, his teacher was quickly running out of ideas for extra material. So, he handed him a case splitter (a device used to open older Apple Macintosh machines) and put him to work on the inside of the machines.

It’s not that I had never seen the inside of a computer before, bit having someone who was so dilligent, patient, and direct to explain exactly what went where, what did what, and to actually step through diagnosis and repair, was one of the two biggest things that got me into computers and technology as a career. The other was when I was absolutely clueless when asked what my career was going to be an the same teacher, David Craig, just about had a stroke trying to tell me the obvious, that I had an aptitude for computers. To which I, in my usual style, asked, “You mean I could make money at that?”

The rest, they say, is history, he graduated from Princeton Senior High School in 2000, took a Summer session of Spanish, and became a freshman in Computer Science at UNCG that Fall.

In an ironic twist of fate, that Summer session of Spanish went absolutely horribly and he ended up dropped from every single one of his Fall classes, placed on academic probation.

I don’t think there was a more frightening moment in college, I had just started and I was already about to flunk out, I had a GPA of 1.3 because while ai tested well for Spanish placement, I tested so far out of my understanding that I was completely lost in that class. Thankfully I was able to keep my Work Study position as an Office Assistant for the MBA Student Services office. During that period of stress and freak out, one of my bosses took the time to really get to know me and convinced me to change majors. “You really enjoy engaging with othersz working with them, helping them, do you realize that that’s exactly what Information Systems is?” I didn’t really know there was a difference at that point. When I was in high school, having to pick career, trying to get into college and needing to have a major, there wasn’t a lot of understanding in the guidance counselors that we had about the nuance of computer stuff, they thought I was going to take a correspondence class and get a job, they were beside themselves when they saw the transcript request for a college. They had no idea what I was trying to do, and neither did I really, at least not words to articulate that. To them it was just computer stuff, “it’s all the same, right?” I didn’t realize until years later how fortunate I was that the right people stepped in at the right times and helped me in ways I really couldn’t appreciate at the time.

After graduating from UNCG, Joseph entered the working world and has offered his skills as both a full time employee as a IT Specialist at Professional Recovery Consultants in Durham, NC and as a freelancer providing an array of services for clients.

In 2020, Joseph launched Mystic Computers and is excited to see where the future takes him and his business.