Passwords are rarely all that complex and authenticating your identity is often about information from your past. Where you have lived, what you have owned, information about family, etc.

Online games that ask you to answer questions about you, your family, your friends, your past, your spouse….

These are not just fun, they give away significant personal information.Want to obtain passports, recover online accounts, open new lines of credit, take out a loan, and become someone else? Answers in these games are a good starting place.

Names. Places. Dictionary Words. Familiar or Significant Numbers. Short Phrases. Keyboard Patterns.

Getting people to answer these questions is a component of social engineering. It’s about getting people to tell you things about themselves that they don’t recognize as important, but are often key to accessing everything about them.

Child Names and Birth Order? Where Parents or Children were Born? Year You Graduated? Year Your Child Started School?Year You Got Married? Favorite Songs? Word Associations Related to Name? Favorite Teacher/Musician/Spots Player/Hero?Spirit Animal? Favorite Movie? Streets you lived on? Pet Names?Sibling names? Year/Make/Model of Car?Favorite Food? First School? Parent Middle Name?

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